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LCFE Makes Significant Investment in ICT Infrastructure

LCFE Makes Significant Investment in ICT Infrastructure
Date: 05 Oct 2012
LCFE has made significant investment in its ICT infrastructure over the past number of months benefitting in enhanced delivery of programmes and an improved user experience for the more than 2500 full and part-time learners registered at the College this year.

This investment stemmed from a number of specific outcomes targeted in LCFE’s ICT Action Plan 2011-2015. The plan was developed through the implementation process for the CLVEC ICT Strategy 2011-2015. A key vision has been set in the action plan for the College to be recognised as a leader in the effective, efficient and innovative way it uses and integrates ICT to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and also in the delivery of services.
In 2012, LCFE has been very active in moving forward the ICT Plan in a variety of priority areas:
Leadership and Planning
  • LCFE ensured that ICT is an integral part of LCFE strategic planning by performing a full review and evaluation of progress of the ICT plan.
  • Planning began in January to develop the hardware and software suite build for the 2012/2013 academic year. This was implemented and tested during the summer months on time for new programme commencement in September. All of this work was overseen by the ICT Strategy Group in conjunction with ICT service providers and suppliers.
ICT in Teaching and Learning
  • LCFE recognises the significant value of multimedia within today’s educational setting. The College invested in equipment upgrades to ensure an advanced user experience in theory delivery rooms and computer rooms with short-throw projector and speaker provisions where required. In addition to this, each learner and staff PC now has a headset attached. This enhancement enables the distribution of multimedia learning materials by teachers and the submission of assessment materials in audio and video formats by learners.
  • The Moodle-based virtual learning environment (VLE) was upgraded by the College’s VLE partner, Enovation Solutions, to version 2.2. This is delivering all the great features of the previous Moodle 1.9 installation blended with new ideas and improvements suggested by a huge Open Source Community to deliver an enhanced experience for teachers and learners at LCFE. The VLE has grown to have a presence for 320 modules/programmes. Over 6,500 files/web pages have been shared across the installation for learners. A new support area for staff and learners includes self-help video tutorials supporting the use of the VLE and other ICT systems at LCFE.
  • A new language lab solution, Schoolshape, was purchased by the College. This is enabling language lab activities to take place on the web and thus extend the learning experience beyond the classroom.
Continuous Professional Development
  • LCFE recognises that user skills are just as important as the technology being utilised in an organisation. Specific training in the integration of ICT into the delivery of programmes has been provided to staff in a flexible way by running workshops to fit different user needs.
Equipment Services Maintenance and Support
  • One third of the College’s computer hardware was replaced to deliver the Windows 7 operating system experience for the current academic year. This investment also integrates with the plan to offer the Windows 8 OS within a 4-year planning cycle for all learner and teacher PCs. This project was completed with the help of suppliers, Dell, and our technical support partners, Formula Networks.
  • LCFE also benefitted from the bulk-license purchasing agreements of CLVEC to create significant savings in procurement for upgrades to Antivirus Software, the Adobe Web Premium Suite, and Sage and TasBooks accountancy software.