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Presentation to Community Addiction Studies Course

Presentation to Community Addiction Studies Course
Date: 10 Oct 2013
On Thursday September 26th, participants on the Community Addiction Studies Course received their QQI-Fetac Level 5 Component Certificates. This is the 12th year of the course and to date over 150 people have completed it. This course is for people living or working in the local community who feel they would like to be more effective when it comes to drug/alcohol issues. We also welcome people from the statutory sector who are working in the area of addiction. This adds to the richness of the learning with each participant bringing their own unique experience and perspective to the course. The course is funded by LCAES and the Mid- Western Regional Drugs Task Force.
The purpose of the Community Addiction Studies Course© is to enable people to:
  • Learn about drugs and their effects
  • Develop an understanding of addiction
  • Examine their own attitudes
  • Become more effective in their personal responses
  • Explore the effects of drug misuse on the family
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to become more effective in responding to drug misuse in their own communities
We would like to congratulate all the participants for their contribution to the course and their commitment throughout. Our thanks also go to our note taker, two facilitators and tutor for their dedication to, and ongoing support for, the course.