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New LCAES Volunteers Ready to get Started

New LCAES Volunteers Ready to get Started
Date: 04 Feb 2013
This will add significantly to the number of volunteer tutors currently working across the adult literacy programme with Basic Education Solutions (BES).

The group completed the final of their five workshops with a session from our Adult Information and Guidance Service. Many agreed that the highlight of the programme over the last three weeks was the input from existing learners who spoke about their own experiences in coming back to learning.

This year’s Volunteer Tutor Training programme was also significant as tutors were introduced to a new ‘Level 1 One-to-One Programme’.  In the past, tutors had developed individual programmes for each new learner but following feedback from both tutors and learners it was decided to try a different approach.

A new structured programme was developed, based on 10-week blocks. It emphasises phonics and building learners’ phonological awareness. Volunteer tutors can tailor and adapt this programme to suit the needs of their individual learners thus ensuring their needs are effectively met. It is hoped the programme will provide a very strong foundation for adults returning to education with low literacy and basic skills.

Our new group of volunteer tutors will shortly be matched with learners. It is hoped all 28 will be actively engaged and working directly with students.  Good luck to everyone.