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Never Too Late to Learn

Never Too Late to Learn
Date: 01 Dec 2014
When John McNamara made the dcision to return to education he decided to visit the Adult and Community Education Centre in Clon Road, Ennis to explore his options. The following is the story of his successful return to education in his own words.

Three years ago I decided that I would go back to education and complete some Leaving Certificate subjects. At the time I went for an apprenticeship, having a Leaving Cert was not necessary so I opted out of school after fourth year. I've regretted that decision since then and always wanted to go back to complete my exams.

I went to Clon Road to the open night where the tutors explained what was required to sit the leaving cert. The first subject I took was Maths - that was a tough challenge as we had to cover the whole course in 7 months. It was very intense and if you blinked you would have missed something. The tutors were brilliant and really helped us to work hard. We did mock exams which were an eye opener for what was ahead. The months flew by and by June the big day had arrived back in the classroom. Doing my leaving cert Maths paper was very daunting and I am happy to say that when I received my results in August I was over the moon! The following year I took on English and I must admit I really enjoyed it compared to Maths. I didn't find it as difficult and when the exams came around I was really looking forward to them. This year it was the turn of History and I really enjoyed it and got on really well.

I am delighted now that I have successfully completed 3 leaving cert subjects; my only regret is that I didn't do them sooner. Doing these exams has given me greater confidence and ambition as I look for greater challenges.

The facility is brilliant and the tutors are fantastic and they put a great effort in helping you succeed. There are all age groups in the classes from young to the not so young. I would advise anyone to go back to education as I believe that nobody is too old to learn. You will get what you put into it!