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LCAES Youthreach Junior Cert Technology Project

Date: 02 Jul 2013

“It is going to be in the shape of a Griffin for my Junior Cert Technology project.  It will have the fan going through the chest. It will have a base to help it stand up.  I chose this design because I like mythological monsters and demons; I draw stuff like that a lot at home, in art and drawing things on my hands when I’m bored.  
The ears and legs of the griffin are be made from red acrylic, so are the ears and its eye, the head is black acrylic and the body of aluminium; I made the back of the base wider for the battery and other things to go on it.  I made a cardboard cut-out to see what it would look like.  I think that my Project turned out very well and it looks good. The part that I found difficult when doing this project was the drilling and the soldering of the circuit board.
I am happy with my project because it turned out the way I wanted it to.  I have tested it and it does work properly, the fan started to spin when putting the soldering iron to the heat sensor.     If I was doing it again the things that I would do differently would be to make some of the body pieces a different colour acrylic or change them to aluminium and have the body made from acrylic or make it a completely different design.”