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LCAES Youthreach - David Boland Memorial Events

LCAES Youthreach  - David Boland Memorial Events
Date: 13 Jun 2012

Some words from Hayley Purcell, member of the LCA1 group in Youthreach O’ Connell Avenue and co-organiser of a fundraising drive in memory of former learner David.

David Boland was a past student in Youthreach who died tragically of an asthma attack a number of years ago. His mother Ann now raises money for defibrillators for local communities so we decided to host a coffee morning to help raise money towards this charity. Every year, we host a soccer tournament in honour of David and we were celebrating as our school team took home the silverware from that event!

For the coffee morning, I supervised making buns, cakes, tea and coffee. I also helped sell raffle tickets to raise some more money. We held the coffee morning in our canteen. I really enjoyed doing this because it was for a good cause and it was a great social event. Before this I was anxious that we may not raise a big amount of money and as David was around my age when he died so I felt emotionally attached.

I was delighted to find out that we raised €351.00. Now that I am more than half way through my Leaving Cert, I feel more confident in myself I am so glad I have this work done I can now relax until another big task comes my way!