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LCAES Students Embrace Creativity

LCAES Students Embrace Creativity
Date: 23 Jun 2011

The LCAES VTOS Art Craft and Design students held a one-day exhibition of their art work at the Adult Education Service building in O’Connell, Avenue on Wednesday June 1st.

The work showcased a range of Paintings, Drawings, Batiks, Design and Ceramics and represented just a section of the total output of the students over the past year. Course leader, Jayne Foley said; “It’s exciting for us to show this work as it’s important for any artist to have their work viewed by the public. In essence, a public viewing is the final element in the creative process and this gives the students the chance to gauge that reaction.

The course allows the opportunity for students to begin on the road for a life working in the creative industries. Much discussion has taken place in Ireland in the last few years in relation to the arts being a key driver in economic resurgence and that the arts can present a forward-facing and often alternative way of development. This can add to the enhancement of the Irish brand as it is viewed from outside the country. These students will be involved in the development of that brand as they continue on their careers.

A recent American economic impact study suggested that the total combined effect of every $1bn in spending by non-profit arts and culture organisations—and their audiences—results in almost 70,000 full-time equivalent jobs.”

This exhibition therefore takes place in challenging times, however the students are confident of the tools they have developed and present their work with the awareness that they will work through the economic downturn with enhanced skills.