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LCAES: The Men's Shed Drama Class

LCAES:  The Men's Shed Drama Class
Date: 09 May 2012
The Men’s Shed Drama class was a 10 week programme with the Southill Men’s Shed group.  It was facilitated by LCAES tutor Maeve McGrath and funded by LCAES Community Ed.  Here are some words and sentiments from participants at the conclusion of their course and release of their YouTube short film - The Card Game.

“Every Tuesday evening for ten weeks we met and delved into Drama. We watched film clips and debated our favourites.  From "Glengarry Glen Ross" to "The Godfather". We discussed acting styles and then put those thoughts into practice. We devised and improvised. We delved into the prop bag and created short scenes from the items we found in there. Over tea and biscuits we discussed method actors.

Then we made a film. We used exterior and interior locations. Spent hours at the lift getting just the right shot. Up and down the stairs. Take one, Take two, Take three......We filmed hours of footage for a three minute short film!
And for the final class we performed monologues. Ranging from Shakespeare to a self devised monologue there was admiration and applause for the unique performances.

What did we learn? We worked as a team, we listened to others around us and we learned to create in a positive and respectful environment.”

The Card Game can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVE2R2sn774&feature=youtu.be