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Kilrush Men's Shed Projects

Date: 30 Mar 2015
 Introducing Kilrush Men’s Shed First Project a Hand Made sail Boat. The boat was manufactured at premises in Kilrush Marina provided by local Civil Engineering Company L and M Keating. Funding for materials was provided by Clare Co. Council with tutor hours being funded by Limerick and Clare ETB Community Education Service. This Sail boat was manufactured to be used for Sail Training purposes for members of the group and their families. The boat was named “Hannah” in honour of a local girl who was drowned in a ferry accident after being refused admission to Kilrush Work-House during the famine.

Project 2: Home Made-Fully Functioning

Wind Turbine


Introducing Kilrush Men’s Shed Second Project: construction of a homemade wind turbine capable of producing electricity. This ambitious project was manufactured in the group’s new premises provided free of charge by group member Vincent Rodgers. Again funding for tutor hours were provided by LCETB Community Education Service with funding for materials provided by the local Credit Union in Kilrush. Each part of the wind turbine was handmade by the group including the blades carved from solid blocks of wood, a handmade alternator constructed by winding copper coils and casting them in resin and an electric-magnetic field by spinning magnets past the coils with the rotary movement of the turbine blades. When manufacturing was complete the project was erected onsite to produce electrical power to heat water.

Project 3: Wind Powered Lift Pump.


In Keeping with the idea of free renewable energy it was decided that the men would build an American Style Wind Powered Water Pump with the possibility that the project could be used as a template for further development in the local area. A design was sourced which again could be built with ready to hand materials and manufactured with the tools and equipment available to the group. The pump manufactured is capable of lifting 1000 litres of water a day using just the power of the wind and a simple mechanical lift pump.

Current Project

Furniture manufacture for Scattery Island

Community House


In September 2014 the men expressed interest in gaining recognised certification for their work. After some discussion it was agreed to run QQI Level 3 Working with Wood. A theme for the class was explored and one of the possible projects considered was to manufacture and restore furniture for the light keeper’s house on nearby Scattery Island. The run down Light keeper’s house had been recently purchased by a local group who intend to restore the house for use by local groups and the community. To date the men have made picnic benches, stools and are currently working on bunk beds for the house. 

The Kilrush Men’s Shed is a community based organisation which is open to all men where the key activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where the men are able to gather and work on a meaningful project at their own pace. It is a place where you can ask for help if you need to, or where you might have sound advice or a skill to teach others. It is about the power of community working together in partnership for community, LCETB, Clare Co. Co., Kilrush Marina,. Kilrush Credit Union……