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CLVEC - Ambitious Plans for Education & ICT

Date: 01 Jun 2011

Two significant publications outlining the future direction of education within the vocational education sector in the city were published last week. Minister of State for Trade & Development, Jan O’Sullivan TD, launched the City of Limerick VEC Education Plan 2011 – 2015 on Friday May 27th at the Best Western Pery’s Hotel. The plan sets out the strategy that will guide the work of CLVEC over the next five years. The organisation’s commitment to lifelong learning is embedded into this new plan and informs CLVEC’s new Mission and Vision statements. The Mayor of Limerick, Cllr. Maria Byrne, presented the organisation’s ICT Strategy 2011 – 2015. This publication highlights the crucial role technology will play in the ongoing development of City of Limerick VEC as a modern, fit-for-purpose public service education body. 

Educ_Plan_Cover.jpg   ICT_Strat_Cover.jpg

Speaking at the launch, Paul Patton, CEO, City of Limerick VEC, highlighted the organisation’s significant remit in education and training provision in the City, spending €30 million in 2010 on the delivery of education supports. “These are living documents that will act as templates for change. They can be viewed as guides to inform our staff, learners and the people of Limerick City how CLVEC, working in partnership with other local bodies, most notably the Regeneration agencies, will provide for the education of Limerick citizens into the future. Elements of both documents are already being implemented across the organisation, with significant cost savings to the State a major benefit of these initiatives.”


Paul Patton, CEO , City of Limerick VEC   Jan O'Sullivan TD, Minister of State for Trade & Development

Minister for State, Jan O’Sullivan TD, referred in her speech to the importance of CLVEC in providing focused pathways for people, “Limerick is a city of learning. City of Limerick VEC is a very core part of that and the various activities that are carried out under the auspices of CLVEC. It is important that the Government keep structures like yours in place to ensure that we can respond to the very many and challenging needs that are out there. This is a day to very much look forward to the future and I think this Education Plan gives you really good guiding principles and pathways to that future. This is very much rooted in the kind of work that City of Limerick VEC has always been involved in and in terms of the wide variety and flexibility of the various activities carried out under your umbrella.”


 Pictured following the launch left to right: Kieran O’Donnell TD, Paul Patton, CEO, City of Limerick VEC, Cllr. Denis McCarthy, Chairperson, City of Limerick VEC, Jan O’Sullivan TD, Minister of State for Trade & Development, Cllr. Maria Byrne, Mayor of Limerick and Cllr. Joe Leddin

Launching CLVEC’s ICT Strategy, Cllr. Maria Byrne, Mayor of Limerick and a member of the VE Committee, said, “ICT is something we now use on a daily basis without even thinking about it. It’s something that’s hugely complimentary to all that’s involved in education, most especially in lifelong learning. It plays a hugely significant role in how we communicate today whether through e-mail, websites or social media. Therefore, it’s so important that we have a plan in place that governs the proper use of it.”


Pictured left to right: Cllr. Denis McCarthy, Chairperson, City of Limerick VEC, Jan O’Sullivan TD, Minister of State for Trade & Development, Catherine O'Farrell, VE Committee, Cllr. Maria Byrne, Mayor of Limerick

 Copies of both publications are now available to download from the Publications section of this site.